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Amanda Summary
Amanda Summary
Amanda Summary

Amanda Summary ➢

In Amanda’s poem, the poet gives some idea about a little girl, how she is controlled and instructed for what she do, and what not?. So let start with a summary of Amanda’s poem, In Amanda’s poem, there is a little whose name is Amanda. She is to control and instructed by his mother for doing something like When Amanda biting his nail then his mother says Amanda do not bite your nail and like this, there is so many instruction or order transfer to Amanda.

Amanda mother says Amanda do not hunch your shoulder, Amanda situp straight, Amanda did you finish your homework, Amanda did you clean your room, Amanda I told you to clean your shoes, Amanda doesn’t eat chocolate, Amanda listens my every instruction or order very carefully and follow it. After listeniing to all these instructions, Amanda is moody and she is busy in her own day-dreaming. She dreams that she’s a mermaid or an orphan or the princess Rapunzel. So your Amanda poem summary is completed.

About the Poet

Robin Klein is the poet of Amanda’s poem. Robin Klein born on 28 February 1936 and died in 2005. She is an Australian author. Several of her other books have received awards in Australia, including the South Australian festival award for a lecture, which she won in 1998 with the Listmaker. Many others including Boss of the pool have also won or been short-listed.

Amanda Summary for Class 10
Amanda Summary

3 ➵ Important lines from(amanda poem)

  1. Amanda’s mother and even all parents too much instructed or giving orders to his children.
  2. Amanda is moody, she listens to all this instruction but she was busy in her own daydreaming.
  3. Amanda listens to all orders, instruction of his mother but she does not take seriously.

5 ➵ The important question for the Board Exam(from amanda poem)

Question 1:- Do you know the story of Rapunzel? why does she want to be Rapunzel?

Answer:- Rapunzel is the story of a beautiful princess whose stepmother keeps her captivated in a tower with no steps or door. It only has a window. The princess lives there all alone with no servants or maids. A fairy comes to her every day to provide her food or other necessities. Rapunzel has very long silky hair. One day a prince happens to come that way on his horse. He and the princess fall in love with each other at first sight. The princess lets down her long hair through the window. The prince holds them and climbs up. He takes the princess in his strong arms, jumps on the horse, and thus both escape.

Question 2:- Why does Amanda seem moody most of the time? [CBSE 2016]

Answer:- Amanda seems moody most of the time because she is trying to make an escape from her sorry reality where she is nagged most of the time. It is indeed a sorry state for a small child like Amanda to bear. Here the only defense against such reality is her imagination where she often escapes to. Hence, it makes her look moody and uninterested.

Question 3:- State the key points in the poem Amanda. What do you learn from it? [CBSE2016]

Answer:- Every child is special in itself, and it requires a great deal of patience and love to make them understand this. Parents should give proper space to children, as they learn through experiences as well. Children do tend to learn certain bad habits, to undo them requires great level of understanding and the right approach. One cannot teach their child everything in one day and expect them to behave properly henceforth. It is natural for a child-like Amanda to seek freedom at her place, to curb that freedom means to make her angry and moody. Growing up of child should not be about dos and don’ts only. To have nagging parents judging every action of the child would do more harm than good. Robin Klein points to the fact that Amanda is forbidden to do anything without seeking permission. Everything she does it is corrected by her mother all the time, she cannot perform a single thing according to her will. She can’t sit lazily around, she can’t eat chocolate for that could cause acne. The life of Amanda is very suffocating and limited in itself. She yearns for freedom and choice. Her mother doesn’t understand the fact that Amanda is innocent and naive, she is too small to understand the benefits of advice. Only thing that matters to Amanda’s mother is what society will make of Amanda. We witness the miserable failure of parents when Amanda wishes to be an orphan so that she could be free.

Question 4:- Is Amanda an orphan? why does she say so?

Answer:- No, Amanda is not an orphan. She says so because she thinks that orphans have the liberty to room about the street barefooted. An orphan has no shoes so no question of cleaning them arises. The mother has asked her to clean her shoes and perhaps she does not like to do this job, to escape it she dreams to be an orphan.

Question 5:- Every child feels that he/she is controlled by his parent this is a good or bad thing?


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3 ➵ Simple question for you(from amanda poem)

  1. In India, parents have too instructed their children. Why?
  2. Robin Kelin born in_______________?
  3. Amanda mother say Amanda stop_______________nail?

I hope you like the Amanda poem Summary and also you can read the important questions for your CBSE board exam(above). And please share this article with your friends. And also you can comment below on what you want to improve in this article. THANK YOU FOR READING AMANDA POEM SUMMARY

by ranjan mishra

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