Class 10 Civics

In civics class 10 we have total 8 chapters in the NCERT book but we have only 3 chapter notes. Other chapter notes coming soon… And trust me if you read these notes completely then you don’t need to read other blogs, website even you don’t need to read your NCERT civics books. So read these notes completely. And you get previous year question that come in your board exam.

Class 10: Civics Chapters

Class 10: History Chapters

  • Chapter 1: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  • Chapter 2: Nationalism in India
  • Chapter 3: The Making of a Global World
  • Chapter 4: Print Culture and the Modern World(coming soon…)
  • Chapter 5: The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China(deleted by C.B.S.E.)
  • Chapter 6: The Age of Industrialisation(deleted by C.B.S.E.)
  • Chapter 7: Novels, Society and History(deleted by C.B.S.E.)
  • Chapter 8: Work, Life, and Leisure: Cities in the Contemporary World(deleted by C.B.S.E.)