How to Concentrate on Study: Step-by-Step

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How to Concentrate on Study

How to Concentrate on Study: Secret Tips

Today every student face this problem of concentration, they want to study but they can’t focus or concentrate on study.

But don’t worry in this blog i share PRACTICAL WAYS that help you, to concentrate on study and all these tips is so effective and every student can follow(class10/12, JEE, NEET etc.)

And all these tips help you to concentrate on studies for long hours so without wasting time let’s come to on main points.

How to Concentrate on Study
How to Concentrate on Study

1. Identify Your 3 Monkeys

Every student have 3 monkeys (thing) that waste his time like mobile, tv serial, web series, unimportant housework, some friends that waste his time so much.

So you need to identify 3 main monkeys that waste your time so much.

After identifying you need to control on it or stop doing it after someday you release that you have so much time to study. Things is so simple if you study more then your concentration power automatically increases. So identify your 3 monkeys.

2. Set a Short Target

Without dreams or targets, you never do anything in your life and this A.P.J. Abdul kalam also says DREAM BIG because dream or target is base of your goal that you want to achieve.

So set a target what you want to achieve in your coming 15 days or one week example you want to complete 5 chapter in 15 days or 2 chapters in one week like this.

And when you set a target then write your target on a paper because this things remind you daily that you want to achieve this target under 15 days or 7 days.

3. Divide and Rule

This thing helps Britisher to rule over India. And this same thing you need to apply on your Study like this if you want to study 8 hours then divide your 8 hours into 8 slots and every slot have 1 hour and from this, you realize that 8 hours of study is nothing for you because after dividing time burden of 8 hours reduce into small-small parts and from this your productivity level also increase means you not study hard, you study hard and smart.

So please follow this tips this help you so much in your study or competition exams.

4. Follow Universal Law: Learn Basic

This universe have a simple rule if you know basic then you do anything in this world.

So if you weak in any subject or you not like any subject then you need to learn it basically (small things), because you know that sometimes we are frustrated in some subject like maths, physics, chemistry, so you need to know the basic of you that chapter or concept that you study.

And this tip help you to study long hours.

5. Hydrate Yourself Always

I think this tip topper follow so much means sometimes you release that if we study more than 1 hour we feel like sleepy, lazy and you know that if we feel lazy, sleep during study then we can’t focus on study our concentration power decrease.

So during your study keep a water bottle because this thing refreshes your mind, you are active during the study and from this, you concentrate on your study long hours.

6. Clear Hard Subject in Morning

Everyone have one hard subject that is so boring to study and if you study your boring subject in night or evening then you think, you already tired the whole day and when you start reading your boring subject you very soon lose your focus on it.

So you need to study your boring subject in the morning because morning is refreshing, silent, pleasant and your mood is also fresh. So from today, you start reading your hard subject in the morning.

7. Do a 60-second Exercise

Before start your study you need to do exercise, means you can run, medidate, long breathe etc.

You can do by this you better focus on your study and you study long hours without taking any break, not getting bore from your study, your brain gets sufficient amount of oxygen that refresh your mind and you not feel like lazy, sleep, moody.

So do 60 second exercise before study.

8. Maintain a General

If you want anything from this universe you need to make a general, general means a to do list.

Before going to bed in night you need to make a to-do list that describes the whole day, and by this, your complete day will schedule and one second of your life not waste by making a to-do list.

So from now start making a general(to-do list).

how to focus on studies
how to focus on studies

9. Never Study in Comfort Zone

Today most of the student study in their comfort zone, and from this their productivity decrease means you study harder not smarter.

So you need to left your comfort zone, comfort zone means bed, sofa, front of television these things never help you to study smarter.

So please leave your comfort zone and see your productivity level is increased, in less time you cover more topics/concepts. Think first what can disturb you.

10. Imagine What Disturb You

Before starting your study you need to imagine and distractions that can disturb you during study like mobile ringtone, notification, knocking the door, etc.

Because when you imagine it you know that this thing disturbs you when you study so your mind prepares itself to study without losing focus and also you study long hours.

So please practice this exercise before starting you study, imagine all disturbing things that disturb you.

11. Don’t Learn, Read Like a Story

Sometimes we read something but after someday everything is forgotten, so you need to learn means if you study any topics then try it to read like the story because these things help you to remember anything for a long time if you forget anything after some time. Because our mind not forget stories but if we learn then it forgets.

12. Father of Concentration

Without discipline you never do any thing in your life in other words you can say discipline is the key if success.

So for study, you need to make a best timetable for study and also by timetable you can organize your whole day, so make a timetable and divide into slots like if you want to study 4 then divide into 4 slots of 1 hour, 2 slots of 2 hours.

This tip is not only you follow rather all JEE, NEET, CLASS TOPPER follow this. So make a best timetable that help you to achieve your targets

13. Garbage in Garbage out

We think that if we control our mind then we easily concentrate on study but this is wrong because indirectly our eating habit also influences concentration power. So focusing on study more you need to focus on our eating habit.

I suggest, with some exercise in the morning, if you eat a complete meal in the morning by skipping your breakfast, this thing help you so much to focus on study and not only study you can easily focus on anything that you want to do.

So don’t ignore your eating habit.

how to focus on study
How to Focus on Study

14. Study with Multiple Source

Every student is not same so we need to study anything from multiple source means some student by study books they understand. But other students they can’t understand the book language. So we need to learn anything from multiple ways like if you reading a topic.

So first you read this topic from your book if you not understand then same topic search on google and read and if google not satisfied you then search on the topic by text, photo, video, animation these all things store your mind for long times, and you never forget any topics/concept very soon.

15. Create an Urgency

This tip also help you so much sometimes you realize that when exam time left 1 or 2 hours then we learn fast and we don’t forget quick because that time our mind is open.

And our brain store everything that we read due to emergency situation.

So you need to create a DO OR DIE situation this thing help you so much and this give you more outcome in less time.

16. Use Mnemonic Technique

This technique also use ELON MUSK, this technique say if you learn anything then connect with each other.

For example if you learn the name of scientist then more chance is you forget after some time but in same place if you link that scientist name with your friend or make it rhyme then more chance is you don’t forget.

Rhyme that words or compress the paragraph or connect words with your friends. This technique help you to learn anything for long time.

I can guarantee you if you follow all these points then you easily concentrate on study. So follow it and if you like this blog then share with your friends and comment below what you want to improve or which point you don’t like please comment below.

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