How to Remember What You Read (Step-by-Step Strategies)

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how to remember what you read

How to Remember What You Read: Powerful Technique

This blog is only for those student who learn something but after some time they forget.

So don’t worry in this blog i share you some powerful technique that help you to remember what you read.

So i know you are so excited about it so let’s start with point number first.

1. Universal Law

Sometimes we don’t like any chapter/topic because we don’t understand it, and this is so simple.

If we don’t understand then we forget things so we need to learn basic that you study means if you read any chapter but you don’t understand then focus on basic because if you learn basic then any chapter, question, topics come you easily solve it.

So before reading anything learn basic about it.

how to remember what you read
How to remember what you Read

2. Make Your Topic Crystal and Clear

Their is a simple rule if you forget any concept/chapter after reading it means your confusion chapter regarding this topic is not clear.

So if you want to learn anything for long time then make your topic/concept or any chapter you read make it crystal and clear means no any question left in your mind that worries you and rule is so simple clear your concept and you never forget it.

3. Convert Topics into Film

Sometimes we learn anything then we forget and we learn it but after some time again we have no idea what we learn, but same place if we read any story then we not forget because this is human nature every human-like story and our mind keep the story for long hours.

So if you read any chapter or topics try to learn like a story, and this helps you to learn for long time.

4. Write Down that You Read

We don’t ignore that this is human nature, that we read today tomorrow we forget. So we need to write down everything that we study.

If you read any chapter/topics then make a note regarding its and after some time if you not remember anything regarding you chapter then open notes and revise it.

This thing saves your time and also any time you can revise your notes.

5. Chanakya Niti: Become Fool

This is Chanakya Niti and i think every student needs to follow it, sometimes we don’t like to read any chapter/topic or we not understand it.

So the rule is very simple in your classroom that student who is brilliant go and ask question regarding to your topics and behave like you don’t know anything.

Because when you behave like this he/she try to give the best explanation in easy words and from this your all question is clear with a simple trick become fool.

6. Practice Make Perfect

We all know that practice makes perfect so this rule is applicable on our study means in a single day you don’t learn everything but if you try to learn day, if you daily revise it then you never forget it.

So things is so simple to learn daily- you can beat your class topper by consistent work.

7. Study Same Thing from Multiple Sources

We are human beings and every human is not the same so we need to learn anything from multiple ways means some students by study books they understand topics/concepts. But another student they can’t understand book language.

So we need to learn anything from multiple ways like if you reading a topic so first, you read this topic from your book.

If you not understand then same topic search on google and read and if google not satisfied you then search on the topic by text, photo, video, animation these all things help you to remember anything for long times, and you never forget any topics/concept soon.

8. Focus on Your Eating Habit

Our eating habit influences our memory, means if a student eats healthy meal and other not, then healthy meal student mind store information for long times.

So you need to focus on your eating habit and also if you always hydrate yourself then your memory power increase.

And with your healthy meal if you do some exercise in morning then you can remember anything 40% more.

how to remember what you study
How to remember what you study

9. Visualize Thing that you Read

I tell you a secret if you visualize your dream in your mind then it’s come true, which means by making pictures in your mind you do anything.

So you need to visualize things during study means if you study a topic then visualize it make pictures in your mind it take time but trust me you never forget that topics.

This thing we do during childhood but by the time our age, height and responsibility increase and we forgot everything. So start visualizing your content.

10. Concentration was not come in one day

I know you think that if you follow all the points then your concentration level is increase but reality is NO! because focus on one thing take some time like 7 or 14 days if you follow all these points till 7 or 14 days you focus level is automatically increase and i GURANTEE you.

So it take time but in long terms it change the game. After following this points you easily focus on anything like study, work, office work anything. So start following from NOW.

I hope this blog helps you so much to remember what you read. So please if you like then please share with your friends and if you want to some improvement in this blog then comment below.

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