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Nazim and the Rise of Hitler Class 9 Notes

Introduction of Nazim and the Rise of Hitler:- Nazim and the Rise of Hitler this is chapter 3 of CBSE history. In this notes, we cover every topics from your NCERT book like Treaty of Versailles, Economic Crises in Germany, Rise of Hitler in Power, The Art of Propaganda, Hitler Ideology and so many topics we cover in this chapter. So let’s start the Nazim and the Rise of Hitler chapter with a simple question: First VS Second World War?

First World War

  • Its time period was 1914 to 1918.
  • It fought between the two groups:-
    • Allies power- Britain, France, Russia, and the U.S.A.
    • Central power- Germany, Ottoman Turkey, Austria, and Hungary.
  • It ended with the defeat of Central power.

Second World War

  • Its time period was 1920 to 1945.
  • It fought between two groups:-
    • Allies power- Britain, U.S.A.(join in 1941), Soviet Union(Russia), and France.
    • Axis power- Nazi Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • It ended with a defeat of Axis power and in May 1945, Germany surrounded by Allies.
Nazim and the Rise of Hitler Class 9 Notes
Nazim and the Rise of Hitler Class 9 Notes

What is International Military Tribunal?

  • It was set up at Nuremberg, Nuremberg was set up to punish Nazi war criminals for a crime against humanity.
  • The Nuremberg tribunal sentenced eleven Nazis to death.

What is Genocidal War? (imp.)

  • Nazi killed many innocent people for their cause.
  • They killed:-
    ➢ Jews- 60,00,000
    ➢ Gypsier- 2,00,000
    ➢ Polish- 10,00,000
    ➢ German- 70,000
  • Mentally and physically they tourcher.
  • This type of killing was known as the Genocidal war.

How was the Weimar Republic was born in Germany?

  • Before the first world war, Germany was a powerful nation.
  • Germany was defeat in the first world war and with this imperial Dynasty come to end.
  • With the end of the emperor rule, political parties got the opportunity to raise themselves.
  • A national assembly met at Weimar and prepared a democratic constitution.
  • Deputies were elect for the German parliament(Reichstag) on the basis of universal adult suffrage.
  • Like this Weimar Republic was come into existence.
  • It was force to accept the Uniustful treaty of Versailles.

Define the Treaty of Versailles.

  • It was a Harsh treaty for Germany.
  • Under this Germany lost it’s over seal colonies.
  • A tenth of its population, 13% of its territories, 75% of its iron, 26% of coal mines war lost, and given to France pole Denmark, and Lithuania.
  • The allied power demilitarised Germany’s military to weaker its power.
  • Germany was a force to pay compensation accounting for 6 billion Euros.
  • The Allied armies occupied resource-rich Rhineland in 1920.

Ques:- What is November criminals? (1 marks)

  • Socialists, Catholics, Democratic, and who support the Weimar republic were known as ‘November criminals‘.
Ques:- The first world war left a deep Imprint on European society and poetry(politics). Explain?
  • Soldiers came to be place above citizens.
  • Politicians laid great stress on the need for men to be aggressive strong and masculine.
  • Aggressive war propaganda was adopt.
  • Dictatorship came into existence.
  • Democracy was remove.
  • The media glorified trench life.
  • National honor occupied center state in the public sphere.

Describe the problems fallen by the Weimar republic?

  • The Weimar republic was a new political party after the first world war.
  • They considered with the revolutionary uprising of the sportiest league.
  • The sportiest league was demand the Soviet-style Governance like Bolshevik party in Russia.
  • But, the demand of the Spartacist League was crush by the Weimar republic.
  • Weimar republic met in Weimar and decided the form of the government a republic one and refused the demand sports league.
  • Sports league get agitate and they formed a party called ‘Communist Party of Germany’.
  • They were always a conflict between the sportiest league and the Weimar republic.

Explain the impact of great depressions on Germany? (V.imp.)

  • Germany last its financial help after the Fall of wall street exchange in the U.S.A.
  • By 1932, the industrial production of Germany was reduce to 40% in computer comparison to 1924.
  • Worker lost their jobs, salaries were reduce.
  • Over 6 million(60,00,000) people lost their jobs.
  • Unemployment person uses place orders around their necks saying(willing to do any work).
  • Unemployment youth played cards at street corners.
  • Some were queued up at the local employment exchange.
  • As jobs disappeared most youth involved in criminal activity.

Explain the economic crises in Germany? (imp.)

  1. War loans:- Germany had fought the first world war largely a loan they paid the loans in gold.
  2. French-occupied Ruhr:- Ruhr was an industrial region of Germany. Germany failed to pay war loans than the french occupied this region in 1923.
  3. Reckless printing of currency:- To pay loans Germany recklessly paint the paper currency. Due to this, the German currency Mark circulated in the market in a large number. It resulted in that the value of Mark fell.
  4. Hyperinflation:- Due to a large supply of money in Mark, the general price level means inflation, a rise in the economy.
  5. Great depression:- German’s industrial investment was totally depend on U.S.A. wall street exchange crush in 1929. It also affected the Germany economy.

Meaning of Daws plan:- It was a plan used by the U.S.A. to reduce the financial burden of Germany.

Explain the impact of Great depression on the U.S.A.? (3 marks)

  • The wall street exchange crushed in 1929.
  • People started selling their share, due to the fear of fall of prices.
  • Over the next three years from 1929 to 1932, the international income of the U.S.A. fell by half.
  • Factories was shut down and export was decrease.
  • Farmers were badly hit because the price of crops fell down.

Explain the impact of Great depression on different social groups?

  • The middle class suffer a lot due to great depression, salaries, and pensions of employers got diminish.
  • Small businessman and self-employed people lost their business.
  • Organised sector or employed with permanent salaries not suffered a lot.
  • Peasant were affected because their agricultural price was fell down.
  • Women ere not able to bring up their children.

Explain the defects of the Weimar republic?

  1. The system of proportional representation:- According to this system it was difficult to form a majority government by any one party and it leads towards the condition.
  2. Article 48:- It gave the president enormous power like the impose emergency at any time and suspend civil rights and rule by decree. There was the liberal use of article 48 at that time.
  3. Unstable government:- Weimar republic saw twenty different cabinets lasting on an average of 239 days.
  4. No solution to economic crises:- Economics crises were not manage by the government, unemployment and other problems increase. Due to this people of German lost their confidence from their Government.
nazism and the rise of hitler class 9 notes
Hitler Power

Explain the rise of Hitler in Power? (imp.)

  • Economics crisis, politicals, and society formed the background of Hitler’s rise in power.
  • Hitler born in 1889 in Austria and spent his youth in poverty.
  • In the first world war, he enrolled himself in the army and acted as a messenger and become a corporal.
  • After, the defect in 1st world war and the peace treaty of Versailles he found a joined a small group called ‘German worker’s party’.
  • The renamed this party as ‘National socialist-German worker party’. This party was also known as the ‘Nazi party’.
  • In 1923 Hitler plan to seize control of Bavaria but got arrest later the release.
  • Till 1930, Nazi party was very popular in the 1928 election his party became a major party by winning 37% votes.
  • By this way he came into power.

What was the promise do by Hitler for German people?

  • Hitler was a powerful speaker.
  • He promised a better future for the disappointed German and also promised to build a strong nation.
  • He announced to take revenge on the defect of the 1st world war.
  • Hitler promised to restore dignity German people and also promised employment for youth.
  • He also promised to weed out all foreign influence.
Ques:- Explain the new style of politics adopted by Hitler?
  • He believed in mass mobilization(collection).
  • Massive rallies were organize in his rule.
  • Public meetings were conduct to get more support for Hitler.
  • Red banners with the swastika were use.
  • Nazi salute was introduce.

The Destruction of Democracy

Describe the destruction of democracy after the rise of Hitler in power.

  • On 30 January 1933, president ‘Hinderburg’ offered the chancellorship(the highest position in the cabinet of minister) to Hitler.
  • After acquiring power Hitler dismantle democracy.
  • He started his move when a fire broke out in the German parliament building in February.
  • He imposed a fire degree on 28 February 1933.
  • This fire degree suspended the civil right of the citizen like:-
    ➥ Freedom to speech
    ➥ Freedom of press
    ➥ Freedom of assembly
  • His 2nd move to dismantle the democracy he started arresting the communist and send them into a concentration camp.
  • On 3rd March 1933, he passed the enabling act. This act established a dictatorship in Germany.

Define Enabling Act

  • It was pass on 3 March 1933.
  • This act established a dictatorship in Germany and abolish democracy.
  • A feature like:-
    ➥ It gave enormous power to Hitler as he ruled by decree.
    ➥ All political parties and trade unions was ban except for the Nazi party.
    ➥ He established complete control over the economy media and army and judiciary.

Ques:- What were the special security forces create to control and order society in ways Nazis want?

  • There was existing regular police that was with a green uniform.
  • Except it, many new types of special security forces were introduce by Hitler.
    ➢ SA or storm troopers.
    ➢ Gestapo(secret state police)
    ➢ The SS(the protection on squads)
    ➢ Criminal police
    ➢ SD(security service)
  • These newly organize forces were given extra-constitutional power which makes Nazi the most create a dreaded criminal state.


How Germany recovered from the situation of economic depression?

  • Hitler gave the responsibility of economic recovery to the economist Hjalmar scant.
  • He adopted the program fall production and fall employment.
  • Under this program, they produced a car named ‘Volkswagen’.
  • Hitler’s foreign policy was also successful.
  • In 1933, he was pull out of the league of nations and reoccupied the Rhineland in 1936.
  • He integrated Austria and Germany in 1838, under the slogan, one people, one empire, one leader.
  • He occupied German-speaking areas Sudetenland.
  • All the above activities help Germany for economic recovery.

What was reason for The 2nd World War?

  • Defeat in the first world war.
  • Harsh treaty of ‘Versailles’.
  • Inefficient and weak politician party Weimar republic.
  • In September 1939, Germany invaded Poland.
  • France and England opposed cud that war the start of 2nd World war.

Meaning of Tripartite Act:- It was sign in September 1940, between Germany, Italy, and Japan to strengthen the power of Hitler during the 2nd World war.

What did Hitler do to achieve his long term aim to conquer eastern Europe?

  • To achieve his long term aim he attacked the Soviet Union(Russia) in June 1941.
  • Before the war ensured food supply and living spall for German armies.
  • Hitler forces the British aerial bombing from the west.
  • He forced Russian armies from the East.
  • German armies were defeat by the Soviet(Russia) red army of Russia at Stalingrad.

Why the U.S.A. enter in the 2nd World war?

  • In the beginning, U.S.A. returned to participate in 2nd World war.
  • Because it did not want to fall the economic rises like the 1st World war.
  • But Japan, who war the member of Axis power planned to invade U.S.A.’s Naval base.
  • When Japan bombed the U.S.A. base at pearl harbor U.S.A. entered into the 2nd World war.

When was the 2nd World war end?

  • The war was end with the surrender of Germany in May 1945 to Allies’ power.
  • And the U.S.A. dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima(in Japan on 6th August 1945).
  • He also dropped the atom bomb on Nagasaki(in Japan on 9th August 1945) after it 2nd World war was end.

The Nazi World View

Meaning of Nazi Ideology:- Nazi ideology had two aspects the crimes that Nazi committed were based on this ideology.

What was first aspect of Hitler’s Ideology? (V.imp.)

  • There was no equality between people.
  • He believed in the racial hierarchy.
  • The Nazi Germany, blue-eyed, Nordia German Aryans were at the top.
  • Jews were locate at the(Areenmies of Germany) bottom(they were regard as antibodies).
  • Jews were one of the Arc-enemies or mixed race of Germany.
  • All color or mixed-race were place in between the Aryans or Jews.
  • He allowed the thought of Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer both was a natural scientist.
  • They explain that the creation of plants and animals was natural and only fittest had to survive.
  • Hitler adopted their ideology those were inferior according to him.

What was 2nd Aspect of Hitler Ideology?

  • This aspect was related to living space(motherland).
  • He wanted to expand his territories to strengthen his motherland.
  • It started this by involving East word and Poland was the first be invade.

Ques:- How Germany became(or established) a racial estate?

  • Germany became a racial state.
  • In Nazi Germany, only pure Nordic Aryans were desirable and was the right to survive.
  • The impure or undesirable like Jews, Gypsian communist Russian, and poles no right to exist.
  • They started killing many undesirable.
nazism and the rise of hitler class 9 ncert

Write down about the Jews? (V.imp.)

  • Jews were the worst suffers in Nazi Germany.
  • They placed at the bottom according to social hierarchy in society.
  • Nazi’s thought that the Jews were the killer of Christ and money lenders.
  • Jews’ main occupation was trade and money lending.
  • They lived in isolated areas called ‘Ghettos’.
  • They were punish by violence and by expulsion from the land.
  • Hitler told that there was no solution to the Jews’ problem. It could be solved only with their total elimination.
  • From 1933 to 1938 Jews were compel to leave the country.
  • From 1939 to 1945 the Nazis killed them in the gas chambers.

“Genocide(mass killing) and war because the two sides of the same coin” Explain?

  • German-occupied Poland and occupied Poland was divided.
  • The north-Western part of Poland was merge with Germany.
  • Another part of Poland was known as the general government was Poland citizens were herd like cattle.
  • Here the poles were kill into the gas chamber.
  • Polish children who look like Aryans were taken away from their mothers and their race test was conduct.
  • If the children pass the race test, they were raise in a German family.
  • If they fail the race test they were se to orphanages and later send to the gas chamber.

Ques: What step was taken to death in Nazi Germany(for undesirable)?

  • There was three-stage to death in Nazi Germany(for undesirable).
    • 1st stage:- Exchsion(1933-1939’s)
    • 2nd stage:- Ghettosation(1940-1944’s)
    • 3rd stage:- Annihilateon(1941’s onwards)

Explain 1st stage Exchsion(1933-1939).

  • Jews had no right to live among Aryan.
  • Only pure-blooded organs enjoy the protection of the German empire.
  • Marriages between Jews and Aryans were forbidden.
  • Extramarital relations with Jews and German became a crime.
  • Jews were forbidden to fly the national flag.
  • No one can do business with Jews and government services(jobs were not given to Jews).
  • Jews’s properties were forcibly confiscate.

Explain 2nd stage Ghettosation(1940-1944).

  • Jews have no right to live among organs.
  • From September 1941, all Jews had to wear yellow stars.
  • Their identity Mark was stamp on their passports and on all legal documents and houses.
  • They lived in Jewish houses and Ghettos.
  • Jews had to surrender all their wealth before they entered Ghetto and their life became so miserable.
  • They died due to hunger starvation and disease.

Ques:- Explain 3rd stage Annihilation(1941 onward).

  • Jews have no right to live and they were bring out of to gas chamber from Ghettos Jewish houses and concentration camps.
  • Jews were mass kill in gas chambers within minutes.

Write about youth in Nazi Germany?

  • Hitler believe in his youth he thought that a strong Nazi society was establish only by teaching children Nazi Germany.
  • He put control over the children inside and outside the school.

Ques:- ‘All schools were clean and purified’ explain?

  • All Jewish teachers and undesirable teachers were dismiss.
  • Initially, the Jews children were segregate.
  • They were not allow to sit and play together with German(Aryans).
  • At least undesirable children(Jews, Gypsies pole, Russian) were thrown out of the school.
  • In 1940, they taken to gas chambers.
What lesson was teach to children in Nazi Germany?
  • Only Aryans were given admission in Nazi schools.
  • School textbooks were rewritten and racial science was introduce.
  • Children were teach to be loyal hate Jews and worship Hitler.
  • Sports’ main aim was to make children aggressive.

Describe the Youth organization in Nazi Germany?

  • Children were control inside the school by Nazi ideology.
  • Children were control outside the school through youth organizations.
  • 10 years old children had to join the Junyvolk youth organization.
  • At the age of 14 children had to join Hitler youth.
  • In these organizations, they learn war aggressiveness violence condemn democracy to hate Jews and communists, gypsies, and other undesirables.
  • At 18 they joined the Armier.

Define the Hitler Youth

  • It was a youth organization found in 1922 with the name of the youth league.
  • Four years later, it was rename Hitler youth.
  • Nazis banned all youth organizations except Hitler’s youth.

Explain the role of women(mothers or girls) in Nazi Germany?

  • In Nazi society, women were not treat equally with men.
  • Boys were taught to be aggressive masculine and steel heart.
  • Girls were told to become good mothers and birth pure-blooded Aryans.
  • Girls had making distance from Jews and other undesirable.
  • They had to look after the home and teach their children Nazi values.

The Nazi society all mothers were not treated equally. Explain?

  • All mothers in Nazi Germany were not treated equally.
  • The mothers who gave birth to desirable children were awarded many facilities that were given to them in hospitals, shop they were given concessions.
  • They were also given concessions on theatre tickets and on railway tickets.
  • Honor crans were given to them:-
    ➥ Gold honor cross:- Mother with right or more children.
    ➥ Silver honor cross:- Mother with six children.
    ➥ Bronze honor cross:- Mother with four children.
  • Women who deviated from the described code of conduct were publicly condemned and severely punish.
nazism and the rise of hitler class 9 ncert
Nazi Society

The women in Nazi society who did not follow the ‘code of conduct’ what treatment they faced?

  • The women who maintain contact with Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and Russians were paraded in the town with shaved heads.
  • Their faces were black.
  • Placards(poster) hanging around their necks.
  • On placards(poster), it was written that they ashamed the honor of the nation.
  • Many received jail sentences.
  • They and their families last civic honor for this criminal offense.

The Art of Propaganda

Explain why Nazi propaganda was effective in creating a hatred for Jews?

  1. Use of language in Nazi:-
  • The use of language in Nazi Germany was deceptiveMass killing for Jews:- Special treatment or final solution like word wed.
  • The mass killing of the disabled:- Euthanasia.
  • Deporting people to the gas chamber:- Evacuation.
  • Gas chambers were called:- Dismiss fiction areas. The gas chambers were look-alike bathroom with taking showers.

2. Use of media:-

  • In visual, images, posters, films, radio, catchy slogans was use to attract the attention of media.
  • Through media, Hitler and Nazism presented or the best.
  • Jews and Gypsies were presented as macked, abused, and described on evil. Socialists and liberals were represent as a week.
  • Films were made to create nature for Jews.
  • Jews were shown as flowing beards wearing kaftans.
  • They were compare with rats and presto.
  • Their movement war compared with rodents.
  • Nazis worked on the minds of the citizens.

What was the thinking of ordinary citizens towards Nazi crime?

  1. Ordinary people who saw the world through Nazi eyes:-
  • Their minds spoke in Nazi language.
  • They hate jews’ Gyperies and all undesirables.
  • They believed that Nazis bring prosperity and improve the well-being of the German.

2. Ordinary people who were against the Nazi crime:-

  • But they were only passive onlookers.
  • They were too scared to act and to protest against Nazi crime.
  • According to paster Niemoller, this was like a crime.

3. Jews also began believing as German:-

  • Jews also began believing as German (Aryans) present them, they thought of their hooked noses, black hair, and eyes, Jewish looks their body movement published by the Nazi’s.
  • They died much death before reaching to gas chambers.

Define about Holocaust(crime)

  • The world came to realize about the Nazi’s crime after the 2nd world war.
  • Nazi killing operation was called ‘Holocaust’.
  • The experience of Nazi crimes was found in Ghettos, concentration camps in secret diaries notebook, and in the document.
  • When Nazi Germany realized that lost the war they set fire in concentration camps and ghettos and destroyed all crime related documents.
  • The memories of the holocaust live in documentary poetry memorials and measure in many parts of the world.

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